Context (code)

Context is a chrome extension for interacting with other users currently browsing the same web page. It unifies web commenting on a single platform and on a live basis. Languages/technologies used include Ruby, Active Record, Websockets, React, and Sinatra.


Owed to the Abode (code)

Owed to the Abode, a web application for managing communal living, allows residents to post common expenses, calculates individual expenses, and stores information about roommates. This was a five-day project using Ruby on Rails, Active Record, Heroku, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.


EdgeTracer (code)

Figure skating is a highly technical sport with well-defined skills and levels, but there are few well-organized resources that aggregate written knowledge about how best to improve as an athlete. This work-in-progress allows users and coaches to track progress in mastering levels, and take and share notes on specific skills.

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