An accomplishment!

I’ve written 11,116 words over the last month (not counting this post). That’s an average of 383 words per day! It’s no 50,000-word novel, but it feels like progress.

Two days ago my number of published posts exceeded my number of drafts. I’m glad this flipped – seeing drafts (63) vs. posts (22) discouraged me from publishing posts many, many times.

Solipsistic Q&A

Q. Am I contributing something by writing? Do I actually have things to say?

A. Writing for a month proves to me that I have some things to say, but I’m still in an absorbing phase of my life. I often envy those who are creative producers, i.e. people who appear to be bursting with interesting content all the time. I feel pressure to eventually get to the point of steadily outputting useful things, but perhaps no productive person is entirely idea outflows. In any case, I look forward to further idea incubation: reading and learning and thinking more. So… sort of.

Q. Has this been useful?

A. Two things have been useful – the interactions sparked with friends, and the forceful practice of daily ‘published’ writing. It’s easy to forget that being fluent with written words is important until forced to write something meaningful. So for the sake of writing important work emails, writing complaint letters to companies, writing online dating profiles, etc., it’s always good to be in practice. Yes!

Q. Do I have improved goals for writing?

A. Partially I wanted to practice writing just because I think it’s an important avenue of expression. I haven’t found any thematic topics that I strongly wish to cover, and for this reason, I feel like it would be difficult to develop an audience for my writing outside of my friends. I enjoy meaningful essays and perhaps I’d like to work on writing and publishing meaningful essays in the near future. This may require further exploring for topics that interest me or a more specific voice. So… not really?

Q. What will I do with my time, now that I’ve established I have at least 1-2 hours per day of free time?

A. I’m definitely going to take a break from writing for now. I’ll spend more time with Max to make up for neglecting him occasionally with a panicked excuse of “BUT I NEED TO WRITE A POST TODAY!!” I’ll skate, play the piano, sing Christmas music, and consider book recommendations.

Thanks for reading!

Really, I appreciate it. I love the feeling of connection when someone tells me they thought about something that I thought about. I wish we could swim around in our thoughts together all the time!

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